China Financial Reports

In China, business entities are required to get certified of their computerized financial system with the Ministry of Finance for regular reporting.

China Financial Reports is a China localization add-on for Dynamics SL conforming to China accounting and auditing regulations. It allows generating the data file as required by China National Standard for registering Dynamics SL with the Ministry of Finance. Upon completion of registration, Dynamics SL users can print the required financial and ledger reports for regular reporting purposes.

Business Issues

Your China operation requires to use Dynamics SL for generating financial reports directly as local reporting purposes.


China Financial Reports helps you to register your Dynamics SL system with China Ministry of Finance, and generate China National Standard electronic file for regular reporting.

Configuration Requirements:

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ SL – 7.0, 2011, 2015, 2018
  • Double-Byte Enabler